Our story begins with a legendary secret recipe for Shawarma, a unique approach to cooking meat, perfected in the Mountains of Lebanon. Legend has it that this recipe  or ‘tidbeeleh’ was discovered somewhere around the middle of the 17th century. A recipe that has been protected passionately for centuries against those that would compromise its quality for commercial gain and hence use it for evil. A recipe that has been passed on selectively and secretively from generation to generation by its owners, evading the rule of colonizing powers.


In the 1950s, this recipe found itself in the hands of a young aspiring Lebanese chef. Passionate about sandwiches, this young chef through the years developed a reputation for making one of the best Shawarma sandwiches the country, and in fact the world, had ever seen. Under the harshest of conditions and through one of the most violent Civil Wars the world had ever known, the chef continued delivering his product to all of Lebanon’s citizens. He became known as ‘Abou Shawarma’, the Arabic translation for ‘the Father of Shawarmas’. His product came to represent happiness, health, and tolerance.


In 2012, troubled by old age and concerned about the continuity of his secret ‘tidbeeleh’, he sought to find someone trustworthy enough to hand over his legacy and the legacy of his ancestors to. The secret recipe founds its way to our doorstep, where, on a sunny Spring morning, we solemnly vowed that its quality would remain uncompromised and that his legacy would continue. Since then, our lives have never been the same.


From a little shop in Beirut, we’ve kept the dream alive. We’ve introduced a new set of secret sauces to complement our variety of shawarma flavors. We’ve developed a strong appreciation and audience for the effort put into our product. We’ve started exporting our knowledge to eager franchisees all over the world. Currently Abou Shawarma can be found in 5 Countries Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Panama.


The dream, the sandwiches and the sauces are all dedicated to our old friend. Abou Shawarma is our name, this way the legend lives on.


Our journey to realizing the SUMSUM® concept became a proverbial “food odyssey,” taking us across Middle East to sample one Shawarma after the next, until we finally secured the recipe to the most delicious Shawarma we had tasted deep in the heart of Jerusalem. We tried to capture the authentic flavors of Shawarma, but rather than following a specific recipe, we knew the target flavor, taste and texture, and we had to figure out how to create it. After various attempts, our team finally cracked the Shawarma code, creating a new recipe specifically for SUMSUM®. In addition to our perfectly replicated chicken Shawarma, our team also developed a mouth-watering spit-, and for those who are vegetarian inclined, Falafel Humus fried balls made of chickpeas held together with a lot of hearbs and spices. We define SUMSUM® as Modern Shawarma; creating a cultural melting pot of flavors for an exploratory palate. So, pack light for the journey of a lifetime at SUMSUM®


SUMSUM is Middle Eastern modern fast food Restaurant with high quality ingredients and well designed concept. Sumsum is the Hebrew word for sesame seed, which is a major ingredient in Tehini paste - the most identified dish with Mediterranean cousin.

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